Introduction to BeamNG.

BeamNG.GmbH is a company that makes a soft body physics and driving simulator that uses many nodes, which define specific mass at a specific point on the car, and beams which connect the nodes together. Beams have no mass but always have a node at each end and cannot be bent but just pivot around the node. An example of this is on the homepage of the BeamNG website. The first picture shows the whole car and the second picture shows the wireframe – this only shows the beams.


Hence their logo.

BeamNG makes two separate pieces of software: and is used by Audi and many others use for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) testing which typically involves putting multiple vehicles together in complex scenarios to see if the car’s computer can detect the crash is going to happen. has the exact same physics as .tech but is made to appeal more to the general public. BeamNG is highly moddable and due to the immensely realistic physics engine people can easily make fully functional aeroplanes, helicopters and boats due to almost all reactions being taken into account.

A picture of a trophy truck with the body taken off, exposing the springs, shocks and dampers in the suspension.