To Leeds from Rose Terrace

34Leeds Bus Station7 Mins
33Leeds Bus Station12 Mins
A1Leeds Bus Station08:00
34Leeds Bus Station32 Mins
A1Leeds Bus Station49 Mins
33Leeds Bus Station54 Mins
Bus stop ID:45011581

To Horsforth from City Square F Park Row Leeds

33Guiseley White X4 Mins
34Otley Bus Station7 Mins
33Guiseley White X22 Mins
34Otley Bus Station08:19
33Guiseley White X08:34
Bus stop ID:45024000

To Horsforth from Vue cinema

33Guiseley White X5 Mins
33Guiseley White X13 Mins
34Otley Bus Station20 Mins
33Guiseley White X34 Mins
34Otley Bus Station08:32
Bus stop ID:45011556