To Leeds from Rose Terrace

33Leeds Bus Station11 Mins
A1Leeds Bus Station13 Mins
34Leeds Bus Station26 Mins
33Leeds Bus Station41 Mins
A1Leeds Bus Station52 Mins
Bus stop ID:45011581

To Horsforth from Headrow

33Guiseley White X9 Mins
34Otley Bus Station24 Mins
33Guiseley White X39 Mins
34Otley Bus Station54 Mins
Bus stop ID:45010659

To Horsforth from Wellington Street

A1Leeds Bfd AirportDue
33Guiseley White X12 Mins
A1Leeds Bfd Airport27 Mins
34Otley Bus Station27 Mins
33Guiseley White X42 Mins
A1Leeds Bfd Airport57 Mins
34Otley Bus Station57 Mins
Bus stop ID:45013156