To Leeds from Rose Terrace

33Leeds Bus Station6 Mins
34Leeds Bus Station24 Mins
A1Leeds Bus Station24 Mins
33Leeds Bus Station34 Mins
A1Leeds Bus Station50 Mins
34Leeds Bus Station51 Mins
Bus stop ID:45011581

To Horsforth from City Square F Park Row Leeds

34Otley Bus Station9 Mins
33Guiseley White X24 Mins
34Otley Bus Station41 Mins
33Guiseley White X55 Mins
Bus stop ID:45024000

To Horsforth from Vue cinema

33Guiseley White X9 Mins
34Otley Bus Station25 Mins
33Guiseley White X40 Mins
34Otley Bus Station58 Mins
Bus stop ID:45011556